Manufacturing Process Improvement

Manufacturing Process Improvement towards operational excellence.

  1. Application of Lean concepts like, VSM, TPM, 5S, 3M, Etc.To focus on value addition vs non value addition.
  2. Removing Non value additions
  3. Identifications of bottlenecks in the process and helping to eleminate them.
  4. Helping to enhance the performances in terms of OEE, MTBF, MTTR, etc.
  5. Method of implementing and practicing 5S,Identifying and eliminating wastes by understanding the concepts of Muda, Mura and Muri (3M)Creating Kaizen Gallery, Forming Quality Circles (QC Teams), Supporting to identify and work on the projects, ultimately showing Tangential and intangential results in terms of ROI and preparing them for presenting the successful case studies in competitions.Jury in Quality Circle Competition
    1. Application of Industrial Engineering Concepts
      1. Method of carrying out the Cycle time study, Method study, Time Study, Motion study etc.
      1. Standardising norms for each processes
      1. Determining the plant capacity
    1. Visual factory
      1. Setting up a system that when a customer walks into the organisation he gets the following message from whatever he sees or interact with the person who is touching and working on the product
        1. What the organisation is about?
        1. Its track record
        1. Procsss performances
        1. Product performances.
        1. Improvement projects
        1. How the process flow is structured.
        1. In short the Walls, Floor, Product, Process and whatever he sees would speak to him.